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Name:Amalthea Riversong
Class:Magic User
Clan:WolfRiders (WOF)
Marital Status:Married to Gannon
Personality:Amalthea is happy and spirited most of the times. Always interested in learning something new and very talkative at times, since she for such a long time had no one to speak to, she now makes up for it.

Amalthea was born from the sea on a night of silver moonlight. She has no memories from before the night she woke up lying on a sandy beach, the water sweeping over her small form in smooth waves, stroking her tenderly. She made a home for herself on the small island where she had awakened, but soon felt lonely, as there were no other pixies or humanoids on the island, only some animals. There were other islands close to hers inhabited by other pixies, but not knowing where Amalthea had come from they would avoid her whenever she visited the other islands, and no one ever came to visit hers.

One day while Amalthea was flying over the ocean between two of the islands a strong wind caught hold of her and brought her off course. She found herself lost in the middle of the ocean with no sense of direction and no sight of any of the islands. She travelled for what seemed like hours until she finally found land, but it was neither of the islands she knew, but what seemed like a continent.

Amalthea soon found out that she had reached Imagica, a continent filled with people of all kinds of races, and most of them friendly, and she soon made friends for the first time that she could remember.

Having decided to stay in Imagica, Amalthea ended up joining the WolfRiders, a clan for loners, wanting to help others who had been lonely to find a place where they could feel at home and make friends.

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