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Name:Princess Beauty rea Avanti
Family:Lost sister
Marital Status:Crissy /mistress and lover Ferio
Personality:she is fast to help those who request it and speaks her mind freely she has issues with trust and men . she views men as untrust worthy and good for only play things , she is a part of OBC clan,

born to a 3rd wife of a sultan , he was an uncareing man . she was raised as befits a princess. she was very loved n doted on by her mother, and siblings . she recieved all the traning to become a good wife , to anyone whom her father chose.

on her 16th birthday , during the party a young prince from a neiboring kingdom came calling on her father , her father left to attend the prince but not before beauty caught his eye and he hers, one evening a week later her father anounced that the princec was to marry her older sister , beauty rebelled and her father had her beaten n forced her to watch the wedding and the wedding nite , she rebelled more til he had her locked away for nearly a year with only her mother to attend her, after this time he brought her back into the harem n informed her of her upcomming marriage. to a forgien king , she merely nodded n went to her bed chamber, 2 nie s later there was a massive raid on the harem . several of the concubines and princess; were stolen in the raid , beauty being one , they were herded onto a ship for the colonys, while held prisoner on the ship she cursed her father n prayed daily for an escape.

a week after being taken her chance came a bad storm hit n all the prisoner were brought to the deck of the ship to bail water n help the crew . seeing her chance she and her youngest sister jumped over board and swam for there lives .

sometime later beauty awakens on the shores of imagica..

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