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Class:Magic User
Marital Status:Single
Personality:Choradan thinks she has killed enough living beings for her comfort, and has decided not to slay anything anymore. She likes to make a lot of fun when the opportunity arises. Choradan has a peaceful mind, and tries to bring justice wherever she goes.

Choradan was born in Fariseth, a small village in the elven forests far to the east. Her Father died of sickness when she was only a few years old. So Choradan lived with her mother, Fildara, as the only pixies in an almost totally elven society. Fildara was quite a powerful magic user. When Choradan was about 30 years old, an elf fell from one of the higher branches of a huge tree. Fildara used her magic to save him, and with success. Of course, the elf and his family were very grateful, but most of the people in Fariseth accused Fildara of witchery, and wanted to burn her. The mayor, however, was a wise and just man, and, more for their own safety than for punishment, decided that Choradan and her mother should be banished from Fariseth. Fildara went mad when this happened, and she wouldn't hear of it that the mayor had actually done a good thing by banishing them. So the first night when Choradan and Fildara were set out of town, Fildara sneaked into the village and broke into the mayor's house when he was asleep. She planted a dagger in his chest, and left the house the way she had come. But on her way out of the village, she was caught, and she was burned the next day for murder and witchery. Choradan fled, and wandered aimlessly for a lot of years. Then, the traveling grew boring, and she decided to settle down. She built a nice treehouse in the nearest forest she could find, which turned out to be the Saga Forest. Since then, Choradan has come to be known and respected by the other people there. She now even works as a councilmember of the Council of Elders.

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