Clan:Sentinels of Soraya (SoS)
Marital Status:Married to Amalthea
Personality:Gannon is a kind, helpful person, always ready to lend a hand.

Gannon was born on a quiet winter night in a mountainous region. During childhood, he lived with his mother and father in a cabin they had built in the beautiful mountains. His folks taught him how to prepare his meals and how to take care of himself. They taught him ethics and morals and gave him the nourishment and love he needed to lead a healthy, happy life.

One day, Gannon brought the sad news to his family, that he wanted to explore the world and to expand his knowledge and wisdom. Though he would miss his family terribly, he was to leave in a week. During this week, Gannon would gather some things for his journey, and when the time passed, Gannon gave his good byes and promised to return in the future. His parents, understanding him, gave him a small amount of gold and a few items, including bread and water.

Gannon travelled for what seemed like days, and finally reached a town called Teldar, and soon learned he was in the world of Imagica. Soon after, he met a man by the name of Tazok, who helped him learn the trade of the avatar, a profession that satisfied Gannon.

Even after hours, he learned how little he actually could take care of himself if he had ran in to trouble on his journey. Soon, though, he became quite strong, and even won a tournament, proving his strength. On the day of the tournament, his eyes caught sight of someone he had never seen before. It was a pixie by the name of Amalthea. She was quite beautiful, and to his joy, this pixie seemed to be fond of Gannon just as well.

Some days later, John the Lumberjack, who lives in the forest of Haon-Dor, asked for some help from a few of the inhabitants of Imagica. He had fallen for one of the Amazons, and knowing that the Amazons rarely appreciated men, he wanted some help in meeting her. He asked the Imagicans to to find her some precious stones and some other nice gifts he had in mind. And so, Tamlin, Tazok and Gannon went on a search for these items. Each knowing the world quite well, the group found the items without much trouble, and brought them to the woman.

Curious as one might become, the Amazon finally agreed to meet her admirer. The three helpers went back to John, and escorted him to the Amazons. When they arrived, he gave the three of them a special gift before they left. It was a wooden medallion in the shape of a heart, but in two parts. Each part was half of the heart. He explained to them that there would be a special bond between the holders of the each side of the medallion.

Gannon was very happy, for he knew exactly what to do. He sent a note to Amalthea, requesting to speak with her. When they met, he told her about John and the Amazon, and the gift he was given. He gave her the left side of the heart, and he kept the right side. This made the two feel more together, and they dated for some while after this. In some months, Gannon proposed to Amalthea, and a month later the two were married, bound together by the strongest emotion: love.

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