Clan:Sentinels of Soraya (SoS)
Family:Mithrandir, brother in arms, lovely wife Shimmer and twin sons Leaf and Cloud
Marital Status:Married to Shimmer
Personality:Although he is an Ogre, he is not the violent type and he does the best he can to help out in most situations when someone is in need. But he can have his rough moments, he does not take lightly on insults towards any of his friends or his wife. He is the polite type and tries his best not to act like an Ogre, you could say that he is ashamed of being one...

Nisse is an Ogre, were raised by Ogres and were taught the ways of the Ogres. He lived the early days of his life in the mountains on a distant place, far away from the realsm of Imagica. One day after an incident where he was hurled overboard from a ship and awakening on a beach in a distant land, he knew that he could never return... He now lives his life in the lands of Imagica with his beutiful wife Shimmer, making the best of his life in helping others with his fellow clan-mates in the Sentinels of Soraya.

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