Class:Arch Mage
Family:"Adopted" sister Radagriet
Marital Status:Single
Personality:Rain is a bit of a loner with few friends, and has a strong will to show that she can take care of herself. For this reason she may seem a little reserved, but once she gets to know you she's got a good sense of humour and an impish grin.

Rain was raised by a human couple after her mother had left her with them, and unfortunately her new step mother died after only a couple of years, leaving Rain with a stepfather who loathed her. The first few years of Rain's life were quite miserable where she found no love, and nothing but beatings.

When she was about a dozen years old her stepfather brought her with him to a city where he was conducting some business, and then didn't bother to bring her back home with him. Abandoned in an unknown city where ruffians were a common sight Rain had to learn how to take care of herself and how to run fast.

Her first sign of kindness in the world was when an old man brought her into his home and gave her food and an own bed. Rain did her best to repay the man by helping him in the house and bringing back anything she could from the market. But after a few short years she started showing signs of magical abilities, and Gaylen decided it was best if she could be brought somewhere safer than the city, somewhere she could learn to use her magic.

Thus came Ereptus. Rain's first and only love. A human rogue and thief who stole women's jewlery while flattering their hearts and robbed men blind while charming them with his pleasant manners. Ereptus was summoned by Gaylen to bring Rain to a place called Imagica, a place where she could grow up in relative safety and study magic. During the trip to Imagica Rain fell in love with Ereptus, as teenagers often do, but her love went deeper than Ereptus ever wanted to realise, and he never loved her back. Once they were in Imagica and Rain safely settled Ereptus disappeared without even a by your leave, a white rose the only thing he left behind.

Rain was heartbroken at first, but she was angry as well, set on proving that she could take care of herself. And so she did.. She stayed in the City of Nivrim for several years, working in a bar in the afternoons and evenings, and studying magic during the days. Until one day Ereptus came back for her, just in time to save her from someone wanting to harm her.

But it was only a few days before Rain would lose Ereptus again. He died while saving her from her stepfather who was the one wanting her harm. Rain never made sense out of it, but her stepfather had mentioned wanting her heritage, but she didn't know what it could possibly be, she was as poor as a church mouse.

After Ereptus' death Rain was feeling worse than ever before. But as always she pulled herself together and went on with her life. She went to the Ebony Tower to continue her education in magic, and then she got herself a small house and settled down, though always busy to learn more magic. If she learned enough, maybe she could somehow find out what her stepfather wanted from her...

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