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Name:Shimmer WolfRider
Class:Arch Mage
Clan:WolfRiders (WOF)
Family:Husband Nisse, twin sons Leaf & Cloud and daughter Leaflet
Marital Status:Married to Nisse
Personality:A mischievous, but rather sweet elf. She started out shy and timid from having spent most of her life in the company of wolves, but has since become quite friendly.

As a child Shimmer was left in the forest by her mother, who could not keep her. However, her mother had a small hope that one way or another Shimmer would be found, and not die. She left a few items from her home with the baby, as well as a mug of milk. To ensure that Shimmer would not freeze to death, she was wrapped in a nice blanket.

Late in the night a wolven tribe smelled the milk and heard the baby's cries. They found the wrapped up baby under a tree, and decided to adopt her with their own cubs. Strangely the elven baby survived with the wolves, and grew older.

She learnt the ways of magic from the world around her, child of nature as she was. She learnt to survive in the forest with help of the wolves, her trusted friends and family. As she grew up she became a shy, but beautiful young elfess.

Rumors started spreading through the woods, as travelers saw small glimpses of her when she was traveling with the wolves, and one day Shimmer for the first time met another humanoid being face to face. She feared him at first, as she had lost a couple of her wolven friends to hunters, but he finally gained her trust. Ploister, as his name was, taught Shimmer about the world outside the forest, and took her out to explore the cities and the valleys. Together they found a home in the castle ruins where Shimmer's mother had come from, and from there they explored more, as well as tried to seek out the secrets of the old ruins.

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