Marital Status:Single
Personality:A mischievous rogue who loves to flirt with the ladies, Tamlin loves life and life loves him. Seemingly without a care in the world he roams the lands of Imagica, always happy and with a joke to share.

Tamlin was raised by no one but himself. His mother was a night demon, and his father a human. The habit of night demons is to leave their eggs to tend to themselves, and that's what was done with Tamlin as well.

As a night demon he grew quickly after his egg hatched and could soon kill small creeps to sustain him. Within a few months he was the size of a full grown man and he left the small cave where he had been left.

Even though his night demon heritage is visible, he looks mainly like a human man, as the night demons look mainly like humans, only he has a few characteristics from the night demons, such as his tail (which he usually keeps hidden) and his skin which has a green tone. He quickly noticed that the females of most races found him quite attractive, and he was not late in using that to his advantage.

He's turned into a devil-may-care rogue who enjoys himself greatly living off his charms. He also have a small magical heritage from his mother, and so he's learning the way of the Avatar.

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